Risotto Cooking Class

Each Risotto cooking class includes making Vegetable or
Meat Broth from Scratch. This is the reason why the
Risotto Cooking Class is in 2 sessions (if taking the class online)

Made with Vegetable broth from Scratch
1 hour break
1rv. Risotto with Zucchini
2rv. Risotto with Leek
3rv. Risotto with Shallot and Potato
4rv. Risotto with Mixed Vegetables
5rv. Risotto with Pumpkin
6rv. Risotto with Asparagus* ( *frozen if not in season)
7rv. Risotto with Tomato Sauce
8rv. Risotto with Carrots
9rv. Risotto alla Parmigiana
10rv. Risotto with Funghi

Made with Meat and/or Poultry Broth from Scratch
2 hours break from one session to another
1rm. Risotto alla Parmigiana
2rm. Risotto with Pumpkin and Pancetta
3rm. Risotto with Sausage
4rm. Risotto with Shallot
5rm. Risotto with Potato
6rm. Risotto with Peas
7rm. Risotto with  Salami
8rm. Risotto with Radicchio
9rm. Risotto with Fennels and Potato
10rm. Risotto with Carrots
11rm. Risotto with Carrots and Onion
12rm. Risotto with Pumpkin and Speck