Pasta From Scratch Cooking Classes

For a pasta from scratch online class, you are required to have a pasta machine or a kitchen aid
attachment. There is however one exception: If you choose to make Cavatelli Pasta (4wf)
you do not need a pasta machine.

  • With eggs in the dough
    1ef. Fettuccine
    2ef. Spaghetti
    3ef. Bow ties
  • Without eggs in the dough
    1wf. Fettuccine
    2wf. Spaghetti
    3wf. Bow ties
    4wf. Cavatelli


1 Easy & Quick Sauce is always included in the 1 Pasta from Scratch Cooking Class. You
can make your selection of which sauce you wish to learn to pair with your pasta from

V vegetarian MF milk free GF gluten free EF egg free
1s. Tomato Sauce with Soffritto (Tomato Puree with Carrot, Onion & Celery) V MF GF EF
2s. Tomato, Ricotta & Onions V GF EF
3s. Heavy Cream with Pancetta & Onion EF
4s. Shallot, Turmeric & Pine nuts V MF GF EF
5s. Basil Pesto (if fresh basil isn’t available, the frozen one is going to be used) V GF EF
6s. Leek & Curry V GF EF
7s. Cherry Tomatoes, Shallot and Pine Nuts V MF GF EF
8s. Amatriciana (Hot Spicy, Tomato and Pancetta) EF
9s. Arrabbiata (Hot Spicy, Tomato Sauce) V GF EF
10s. Cherry Tomatoes with Black Olives, Feta Cheese V GF EF
11s. Vodka (Onion, Tomato paste, Heavy Cream) V GF EF
12s. Peas and Pancetta (Frozen peas are going to be used) EF
13s. Broccoli V MF GF EF
14s. Tomato and Sausage (Poultry or Pork Sausage) EF
15s. Tomato, Ricotta, Onion, Peas (Frozen peas are going to be used) V GF EF
16s. Onions V MF GF EF
17s. Leek and Sausage (Poultry or Pork Sausage) GF EF
18s. Mushroom (Frozen mixed mushrooms are going to be used) V MF GF EF
19s. Vodka with Sausage (Heavy Cream, Vodka, Poultry or Pork Sausage) GF EF
20s. Heavy Cream & Garlic V GF EF
21s. 4 Cheese V GF EF
22s. Sugo Finto – The Most Simple Tomato Sauce V MF GF EF
23s. Carbonara traditional style (Served with Pasta without eggs in the dough)
24s. Carbonara with hard boiled eggs (Served with Pasta without eggs in the dough

25s. Tomato, Peas and Pancetta (Frozen peas are going to be used) EF
26s. Radicchio and Shallot V MF GF EF
27s. Radicchio and Sausage (Poultry or Pork Sausage) EF
28s. Sugo di pomodoro,cipolla e basilico – American Marinara with Onion & Basil V MF GF EF
29s. Sugo di Pomodoro,aglio e prezzemolo -American Marinara w/ Garlic & Parsley V MF GF EF
30s. Panna e prosciutto – Heavy Cream & Ham EF
31s. Heavy Cream & Onions V GF EF
32s. Heavy Cream & Pancetta EF
33s. Heavy Cream & Leek V GF EF
34s. Heavy Cream & Salmon (Smoked salmon, Italian Style) EF
35s. Tomato and Peas V MF GF EF
36s. Cherry Tomatoes & Pine Nuts V MF GF EF
37s. Besciamella V GF EF
38s. Besciamella & Garlic V GF EF
39s. Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (Garlic, Oil and Hot Spicy Pepper) V MF GF EF
40s. Zucchini V MF GF EF
41s. Zucchini & Shrimp (We are using frozen Shrimp) MF GF EF
42s. Cacio e Pepe – Cheese and Black Pepper V GF EF
43s. Pumpkin / Butternut Squash and Sausage EF
44s. Pumpkin / Butternut Squash and Pancetta EF
45s. Pumpkin / Butternut Squash V MF GF EF
46s. Pink Sauce V GF EF
47s. Tuna Fish Sauce (We are using canned Tuna Fish) MF GF EF
48s. Alla Norma – with fried Eggplants V EF