Hands On Italian Cooking Course

This is a course in 4 lessons, that has been created for helping children to become confident touching food
with their hands. In the years, I realized many adults are willing to experience how to ’create’ food working
with their hands as well, combining few ingredients. Learning to cook some Italian food from scratch is in
many people’s bucket list. Teresa, an Italian certified chef, will cook with you, explaining the recipes you are
making, giving you information about the ingredients and sharing her expertise.
A Certificate of Completion will be issued at the last class.
Is Italian Cooking in your bucket list? Let’s start, then!

. Cavatelli Pasta
. Tomato Sauce
You can’t say ITALIAN FOOD without saying PASTA! This is an easy one to make and you don’t need any pasta machine
or attachment or rolling pin! Tomato sauce, then, is the main Italian sauce!

. Easy Pizza
Even if Pizza is probably one of the most difficult Italian specialities to make as it’s the perfect balancing among few
ingredients – flour, water, yeast – with the humidity, the temperature and the time of rising, we are making it from
scratch in the easiest way we can to surprise our friends and family.

. Ricotta Gnocchi
. Butter & Sage Sauce
Gnocchi are a sort of dumplings. They can be done with different ingredients. The kind we are learning to make are the
easiest as we don’t have to precook any ingredient. The sauce we are serving them with, then, is so easy and so
flavorful you will be surprised! The secret? Using fresh ingredients!

. Tiramisù
. Bruschetta
Is Tiramisù the most Italian famous dessert in the world? Well, you should know that it was “created” between Friuli
Venezia Giulia Region ( where I live) and the near Venice area. That’s why “Hands on Cooking Course” isn’t completed if
you don’t learn how to make it.

HANDS ON Italian Cooking Course cost is 165 Euros per participant.
1 child up to 11yo free per each parent subscribing.
Due to Covid 19 restrictions, all the cooking classes and courses are online.

  • My cooking classes are LIVE but if you need a record of it, I can provide it as well.
  • Can’t you it one of the dishes listed? I’ll customize the cooking course on your flavor or necessity!
  • Are you pregnant and you can’t have Tiramisù? No worries, we can make an Egg Free Tiramisù.
  • Is this course One-To-One? Yes, it is one-to-one or for families.