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An Online Live Cooking Class isn’t very different from an In-Person Cooking Class. In fact, the customer may feel more comfortable cooking in their kitchen using their tools and appliances and their feels more confident when they later take what they learned and cook on their own.

A few days before the cooking class,  I provide an ingredients list, kitchen tools list, and Zoom link.

During the virtual Cooking Class, I cook together with my client(s) and I teach them step by step as they follow along. I always stop and wait so we can proceed at their pace. While we cook, I explain our ingredients, Italian history, and introduce curious facts; as a cooking class of mine isn’t only about an Italian recipe, but a full Italian experience.  After the cooking experience, upon request, I will email the recipe as well. The customer(s), then, can contact me any time for more details or questions. 

A gift card can be used for participating to:

The monthly Scheduled Cooking Classes are on my website  

The list of recipes to choose from 


– Open Gift Card:  Anyone who receives this type of gift card can attend ANY cooking class they desire, deciding when and what to cook, from the list that will be provided with the purchase of the gift card. Terms & Conditions may apply.

– Prepaid Gift Card:  This is a card ‘loaded’ with the amount of money you decide. Anyone who purchases this gift certificate can purchase multiple cooking classes, Cook in Italy with Teresa’s aprons , chef hats, or cooking courses up to the amount on the card. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Create Gift Card: AnyoneWho purchases the gift card is the one who creates the cooking class choosing the time, day and recipe. It’s a totally customized virtual private cooking experience – for example: Tiramisù for 2 people – Terms & Conditions apply.    


To purchase email me at your choice among the Gift Card OPTIONS and  I will send you a link to pay it with your credit card and I e-mail the gift card to print or, if you prefer, I can send it directly to the person of your choosing. 


A Private Cooking Lesson for 1 person is €50. Add an additional person at a discount of €35 each. 

If you are military ID holder or spouse you and everyone you are booking for will get €10 discount. (Private Cooking Lesson for 1 person is €40 instead of €50. Each additional person at the discount of €25, instead of €35).

Gift cards expire in 1 year from the purchase date and can be used only after emailing at for terms and conditions applied.   A gift card can not be used for multiple recipes listed in the menu or for a full Italian dinner menu, unless it’s specified. It is available only on full price classes. If you choose a normally discounted class that you’d like to use the gift card for,  the discount will not apply and your gift card will be used towards the full price of the class. 

If you need more info or you are interested in purchasing a gift card, please email me  at 

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