Dessert Cooking Class Options

1d. Biscotti – Cantucci with Almonds
2d. Biscotti with Chocolate Chips
3d. Coconut and Cocoa Truffles
4d. Panna Cotta with Homemade Strawberry or Berry Jam
5d. Crepes with Homemade Strawberry or Berry Jam
7d. Crepes with Homemade Hazelnuts and Chocolate Spread
8d. Torta di mele – Apple Cake
9d. Torta allo Yogurt – Yogurt Cake
10d. Ciambella – Bundt Cake
11d. Ciambella al Cacao – Cocoa Bundt Cake
12d. Italian Muffins
13d. Puff Pastries with Apples
14d. Puff Pastries with Jam or Chocolate Chips
15d. Gelato – Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla or Stracciatella,
16d. Tiramisù

TIRAMISU’ Types of:
1tir. Traditional w/ Espresso Coffee
2tir. w/ Strawberry Milk
3tir. w/ Chocolate Milk
4tir. w/ Espresso Coffee & Milk – Cappuccino style
5tir. w/ Coconut
6tir. w/ Nutella
7tir. Pumpkin
8tir. Mixed Berries
9tir. Raspberry Milk

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