2nd Lesson as Cooking Teacher

Hello you all.

On the second day of teaching Culinary Art, our menu was:

  • Minestrina ( we cooked  egg pastina, the small shape pasta, with the broth and also in the broth)
  • Sugo al Pomodoro ( Basic salsa madre with no fat at all)
  • Sugo al Pomodoro with soffritto
  • How to cook pasta.

Any italian reading this blog I’m sure is exclaiming right now : WHAT!?!?!? because any Italian born in Italy has in his genes this knowledge. When he moves abroad he starts loosing them being ‘contaminated’ from the food supplies he buys in the new country.

I’m not telling they can’t buy good food supplies, but that they are different from country to country.

A Chinese living in Italy buys food supplies in an Italian store, which can’t have all the options of a grocerystore in China.

Then we should think about how important is to see our parents and grandparents cooking.

Even if I graduated from a Culinary School  and I attended few specializing course, I still cook a lot of food as my grandmothers used to make it.

The funniest thing that came out, it was:

  • Yummy!! Ooohhh!!! How good is this pasta! Great sauce, can I have more pasta, please?

It’s funny because I’m italian and then it comes very easy to me to cook.

As I wrote, we cooked even ‘minestrina’.

No one of my students really liked it, maybe because they were VERY HUNGRY and broth doesn’t fill your tummy.

I don’t cook with boullion cubes or stock cubes, unless I buy a monosodium glutamate free kind. The African ladies explained me that they use it al lot.

  • One of the ladies came by me and whispering told me: If you cook with the magic (aka boullion), your man will have his ‘thing’ (aka penis) and then she showed me her weak hand. LOL




Teaching cooking: Lesson 1

Yesterday I started a new adventure: I teach Italian basic cooking to a bunch of ladies coming from Africa.

Well, there are also 2 Italian ladies, but they know the basics, so I guess they will get bored, at a certain point, because the 6 African ladies know absolutely NOTHING about Italian Cooking and Cooking Culture.

I don’t want to bore you with a long description about what we made or what we talked about. I will just retel the funny things or the most unbelieveble questions.

Menu:   Vegetable broth from scratch

Soup with vegetables puree

Stracchino cheese

Cooked apples

1 – Is the stracchino cheese made with PORK MILK?

2 – While I was showing how to close an empty pressure cooker, a lady hid herslf behind another lady, waiting for an explosion. I said EMPTY .  Why should it explode?

3 – We made a vegetable broth from scratch and when it was ready someone asked: Chef, is that water? Me: No, it’s broth. Again: Is the broth water? Me: No, broth is broth. It was water with vegetables and now it’s broth because it’s cooked. And again: But Teresa, why it’s not water?

Good night!