Meet Teresa

My Degrees:

– Pizza Classica
– Barbecue di Pesce
– Corso introduttivo alla Degustazione dei Vini
– Corso per Cuoco
– Cucinare con il Pesce
– Qualifica Professionale di Operatore della Ristorazione – Cuoco
– La Cucina Casalinga pt 1
– La Cucina Vegetariana pt 1
– La Cucina Casalinga pt 2
– La Cucina Vegetariana pt 2
– La Cucina di Pesce
– La Cucina Siciliana
– Cucinare con le Verdure

Learn about Teresa:

I’ve always been fond of food. As a kid in central Italy, I spent hours in my grandmother’s kitchen. Watching her, I learned many culinary secrets.

When I moved to the northeastern part of Italy, I loved experiencing new foods. My son’s food allergies prompted me to start researching different meals for different family members twice a day, every day. Luckily, I had worked as a cook for summer camps where I learned to cook for large numbers of people.

After years as a stay-at-home mom, at the age of 40, I had to start working to support my family. But, what to do?

A friend pushed me out of my comfort zone, suggesting that I take advantage of my ability to speak English to teach Americans living in the area how to cook Italian food. Thus, my Teresa Colors adventure started in Winter 2012, cooking for friends and friends of friends.

At the beginning, I just shared my home cooking experiences, then I started attending culinary events, food festivals, and conferences about local products. I involved my American friends in food experiences by visiting local restaurants, stores, farms, pizzerias, and wineries.

In 2015, I decided to turn my adventure into a real job. I attended a business course, a culinary school, a pizza school, a class about safe and healthy food, and a wine tasting course.

My goal isn’t opening another Italian restaurant. I want to break many stereotypes about Italian food and make all who join Teresa Colors events claim: So tasty and easy!

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