My Cooking Classes are only virtual, at the moment, as we are still in Covid-19 emergency time.

Yesterday, Sunday, I had an online Cooking Class: Potato Gnocchi from scratch.•

Do you know Gnocchi can be made with different ingredients? The one you see in the pic are made with Potatoes, cooked almost everywhere in Italy. Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi are from Tuscany, Pumpkin Gnocchi are well known in the north of Italy and then we have the Gnocchi made with Spinach, Bread Gnocchi and also Gnocchi alla Parigina ( Paris style ), Canederli which are a compromise among gnocchi and meatballs and more type. Even if the ingredients used are usually only four or five, it’s very important to balance them very well.

If some types of Gnocchi don’t need particular kitchen tools besides what usual in a kitchen, for making Potato Gnocchi is necessary to have a potato ricer with small holes and a wide wooden cutting board or table to work the Gnocchi on, to absorb the humidity and for having fluffy pillows•