USA Post #8 Gulfport, MS

I left Richbourg School Friday April 12, soon after the Gnocchi class.

It was a very strong emotion when many students hugged me at the same time. But after 5 days of very hard work, I was finally able to continue my vacations.

Next stop, Gulfport, Mississippi, for a quick visit to Julie and Josh and their children: only 24 hours visit but it’s home!

At last I could take care of my asthma, I could sleep, I could relax, I could enjoy some family time.

I love chatting a lot and I love playing with the kids, but I was really knocked out so I wasn’t the usual Teresa.

We went out for dinner in an fascinating unusual place which looked like abandoned but it wasn’t at all. I can’t remember the name, of course, but they have a parking for cars and also a pier for little boats. We had a pretty good bbq with mac&cheese and potato salad.

Believe it or not, Josh made me taste some pecan beer and I liked it. For a not drinker like I am it is a great step!

Would this experience make change some of my habits? I don’t think so.

The best part of this short visit was Saturday morning breakfast: Chef Gwen and Chef Sam cooked pancakes, absolutely my favorite!

It was hard to leave but I was grateful for being able the visit.

Josh drove me all the way to Mobile Airport but when we got there I found out my flight had been cancelled due to weather conditions and it had been rebooked on the following day.

What?!? Why didn’t American Airlines notify it? What could I do?

Going back home in Gulfport, of course!

We went out for dinner in an Italian Restaurant in Biloxi.

What an experience to check out how different is Italian Americanized food.

The food was good but the way to order and how they serve it, it’s very different.

First of all, chicken served on the top of pasta, then pizza served on a stand, spaghetti with meatballs and the salad served with the pasta.

I knew many of these differences, what I didn’t know it’s that all is precooked and reheated when ordered.

It’s something I can’t understand.

The following day was Julie with the kids to take me to the airport.

If the day before had been hard to say “till next time”, this second unexpected goodbye was full of tears.

I couldn’t stop crying when I left Julie and my heart was literally broken.

Next stop: Colorado!

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