USA Post #7 Richbourg School

How was to teach at Richbourg School?Fulfilling but difficult!It’s a school for children with disabilities and they have all different mental and physical disabilities.I panicked on Monday morning as that was my very experience with handicapped people.Could they understand me?What could they prepare and cook with their hands?What they were expecting from me?I was standing at the counter with about 10 teenagers sitting in front of me. I looked around and I saw smiling interested faces.I took a deep breath, smiled and I started: kindness and joking are the keys for most of the souls.We made pizza from scratch the first day, fettuccine pasta from scratch the following day, then on Thursday we made Zucchini Sauce and Tomato Sauce, and Ricotta Gnocchi the very last day.Enthusiasm grew day by day, recipes after recipes.I will never forget their joy to be able to make little things.Number of students and teachers volunteering to taste the food grew as well. When food was cooked, the line of people to get some to taste was long!2 classes a day for 4 days with kids from Richbourg school and then 1 class a day with 5th graders from the near elementary school.This is a lot of talking and a lot of cooking!The moment to say goodbye arrived quick.I will bring with me in Italy all their smiles, their hugs, their enthusiasm.Next stop: Gulfport, MS

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