USA Post #5 Late!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and FridayApril 8th to 12th 2019Yes, I’m behind writing on my blog.Are you surprised? Well, if you are surprised you probably have never been to a cooking class of mine because, that’s me! I’malways late.This time, actually, have 1 very good reason: after 15 hours straight working and talking, I was really knocked out on Monday night and I fell asleep as soon as I touched my bed. It was like that every single week day! Monday: morning teaching at Tradewinds Italian Restaurant, Niceville, FL.then private class for few ladies teaching how to make pizza, fettuccini, tiramisù and 3 sauces. I was more than knocked out.It got worse and worse!Tuesday: morning, 2 Pizza classes for Richborg School and 1 Pasta from scratch for another school; at night it was Pizza, Fettuccine, three Sauces, and Tiramisù, of course.By the end of the day I was completely voiceless!And then Wednesday and then Thursday and then Friday.It’s been a very very hard week, standing 15 hours a day talking 15 hours a day: so hard I could never imagine.I was able to go to the beach only 1 hour but it’s been breath taking: because the beach is stunning and because my asthma was really killing me.I went shopping with Tom and it was fabulous to check all different vegetables! He was my personal tour guide, driving mearound.He took me also to eat raw oysters ( yum!), mexican food ( no, thanks, too spicy).

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