USA Post #4 from Alabama to Florida

Sunday April 7th 2019

It was a very quiet morning.

My friends Dianna and Chris drove me all the way down from Montgomery, AL to Shalimar, FL.

It was hard to say “Till next time” to them, especially to Dianna. Even if we are completely different, our lives couldn’t have been more different, we don’t think in the same way about many topics, I feel we have a special knot.

The Goldbolds, the couple who’s hosting me, is incredible welcoming!

They started spoiling me as soon as I arrived: they took me to see the spectacular white sand of Gulf of Mexico beaches,

then we went grocery shopping for the cooking classes I’m having starting tomorrow, then they took me out to dinner in Mexican place and to eat a Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen.

I’m not a fan of Mexican food as I don’t like spicy hot at all.while Dairy Queen Dipped Cone was good and so.huge I couldn’t finish it.

Let’s talk about portions: 1 American portion is 2 times bigger than Italian portions. Then Italian meals are much lighter and simpler than American ones.

Going shopping was a great experience as I could take note of the Italian ingredients which can be bought here and of some substitutes.

I was pretty tired when we got home so I want directly to bed.

Good night you all! ,

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