USA Post #3

Saturday April 6th 2019.

It’s Saturday so the day started slowly. No one of us had to rush anywhere so we had a great time chatting while having breakfast together with biscuits made by Dianna and eggs cooked by Chris. What do you do on Saturday? Shopping? Yeah! Target, here I am!It’s been easy to spend two hours there and some money, too! No, I didn’t buy any food, I didn’t even check on it as I was looking for a bathing suit for my soon to come week in Florida, for few gifts to bring back home and for some conditioner for my dried hair. I wasn’t really impressed by Target itself, I mean, it’s like Ipercoop in Pordenone, just bigger. What I was impressed from it’s how big are personal hygiene bottles! I noticed then the tons of different reusable bottles they sell. I always struggle looking for clothes that fits me, but not at Target. What do you do after shopping? Eat some food, of course!
Where? At Chick-fil-a, of course!Do you know that their chicken is so tender because it’s marinade in pickle juice? You know, I’m very picky about ingredients I use or are used to cook food and so I try always to read ingredients list. I enjoyed my chicken nuggets, my waffle fries, next time I will have some lemonade instead of my water, but……I needed some salt and this is what I got:Could please someone tell me why does an ALL NATURAL SEA SALT contain also MAGNESIUM CARBONATE? I understand it’s natural, I understand it could be healthy for people, but I don’t understand why it’s not just sea salt. I’m glad I can’t read the ingredients list.of everything I eat, here in the USA and in Italy as well. I was impressed by how many cars were in line to drive thru and how many food courts we met along our way home with exactly the same fast food restaurants. No variety! A short visit to the cute village Wetumpka was our next stop, before having a great dinner! We went to Capitol Oyster Bar. It’s a simple restaurant along the Alabama River, hidden in the industrial area of Montgomery. I could never guess a restaurant there! A small door to enter in, still customers in, even if was 7:30pm and hundreds of signed pics of bands and singers. This place, every Sunday night at 5:00, hosts live music events. Italian restaurant standards are completely different. You wouldn’t call it a ‘ristorante’ in Italy, but probably a ‘trattoria’ or ‘bettola’. I could enjoy some food I’d never had before: Oyster Rockefeller, delicious; Fried Scallops, to die for; Gator Tail, good but too weird to eat for me to remember the real taste; Swai Fish, good; Hush Poppies, I could eat tons; Fried Shrimp, yummy. I got also some grits, founding out it was soft polenta with butter and some cheese! Every thing was served very simply, with different sauces to dip the fried fish. It surprised me they hadn’t any cake options, but then I realized it couldn’t fit my stomach! I’m ready for new adventures, heading to Florida tomorrow!

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