USA Post #2 Montgomery, AL

Friday April 5th 2019

It started with a breakfast at Dianna’s after sleeping over 14 hours!

It isn’t a typical American breakfast but I loved the combination greek yogurt with raspberries. The little home made cheese cake which was made with ricotta and coconut flour was a deliciousness! Dianna is a healthy food addicted person and she makes everything from scratch, she experiments new combinations of ingredients, and she cooks, breaking down all the Italian stereotypes about Americans being bad cooks!

As she had to work, I spent a very relaxing morning in her beautiful old house

and in the afternoon I had a surprising historical guided tour downtown in Montgomery.

It’s like the time here stopped in the mid 20th century!

It’s a decadent town, with many abandoned old houses and buildings and at the same time the architecture is stunning, every house is different from the other and every building has something to tell!

This the most important slavery train station in Alabama.

I can only imagine how many women, men and children went through it to be then taken to the slavery market.

I can only imagine the cries, the yells, the chains noise.

These are footprints which remember us where the first peaceful civil rights march started from.

I walked where Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks walked.

I learned about Confederacy finding out that this town was the first capital city before it was moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1861.

Here is a picture of the first Confederacy White House.

I love history and chatting with people so I can easily say that I spent a great time with my private tour guide who answered to all my questions.

What to expect after a fulfilling afternoon?

A typical dinner, of course, with good friends!

Smoked Barbeque: ribs, wings, pulled pork served with cornbread followed by banana pudding and sweet potato casserole. HEAVEN!

What a perfect day!

Coming home, my friend Dianna noticed that my eyes were bright for happiness! Yes, I’m happy to be here with her, to feed my curiosity, to enjoy new foods, to chat with my special personal secret handsome tour guide!

Chris and Alabama River

Can’t wait for #3 day!

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