USA #1 Trip to the States

Thursday April 4th 2019

It’s a long time since I last wrote on my blog, but it’s time to be back to old habits.

Today I started a great adventure: I left Italy with a suitcase full of groceries to travel to the USA.

I will be visiting few friends but also volunteering as Cooking Teacher in Richbourg School, Crestview, FL.

Let’s start telling about this first day of hours and hours of flying, my passport and suitcases checked many many times. I flew KLM first and then Delta Airlines and I had a great experience: both crews were kind and professional, the food was good

aircrafts clean and comfortable.

Schipol Airport has always been one of my European favourite airports as it’s perfectly organized and very functional.

When I walked in Atlanta Airport I realized I wasn’t in Europe anymore: non smiling faces among the workers, someone was rude and everyone was waiting for a tip!

TIPS: you tip a person, in Italy, only if you’re willing to tip while in the United States it’s an obligation.

I need to remember that!

As I need absolutely to remember to stay in line with other people!

‘Queuing’ is a word that Italians don’t know.

While in the airport I noticed 1 curious nice thing that Italy should have as well: a ‘fountain’ where to refill bottles of water, to save the country from tons and tons of plastic.

Flight #3 was to Montgomery, AL. Easy flight, little airport, everything went smooth.

My good friend Dianna was there waiting for me and while I was hugging her, all the tensions disappeared giving space to a neverending tiredness and happiness.

USA here I am!

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