Have you ever had PANDORO?
It’s a typical Christmas dessert. The translation of Pandoro is Golden Bread. It is a sweet tall bread, that is served sliced.
It’s not easy to make it home and you can buy a cheap one in every grocery store and better but more expensive Pandoro in few bakeries or Pastry Shops ( Pasticceria).
You can serve it with a home made Cheese Custard to make it softer and sweeter. It is the same Crema al Mascarpone used to make Tiramisù.


INGREDIENTS: 4 eggs, 4 tbs white sugar, 250g Mascarpone Cheese.

. Separate egg yolks from egg whites and put them in two different bowls.
. Add to the egg yolks the sugar.
. Mix it very well with an electric mixer till the sugar is completely melted.
. Add now the cheese and mix a couple of minutes with the electric mixer.
. Wash the beaters as they need to be clean and dry for next step.
. Beat the eggwhites with the electric mixer till they are stiffed.
. Fold very gently and slow the stiffed eggwhites into the yolk custard.
. Crema al Mascarpone is ready to be served.
– Eggs at room temperature;
– Mascarpone at fridge temperature;
– This custard needs to be made at last minute to serve it with PANDORO.

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