Measurements and Conversions

Good morning!

Have you ever thought about measurements and conversions? It’s one of the hardest thing for a Cooking Instructor like I am.

I teach Italian cooking and recipes in English aand most of my clients are Americans. 

When I teach how to cook a meal, I like to be sure that they can remake,once they are back to the States, what they are learning in the cooking class session.

I tell them about flavors, taste, ingredients, what to substitute them with if they don’t find Italian specialities. 

Most of all I make sure to convert all the measurements because they are different.

My question is: WHY do the USA don’t adopt the metrical system as most of the other countries in the world?

What about using a SCALE instead of multiple measurement tools I always forget here and there while  in home teaching?

Conversion is absolutely hard, difficult, sometimes almost impossible. 

For some recipes I learn it quickly: Pasta recipe is pretty easy with cups and teaspoons, same thing if you are making Tiramisu’. 

Sometimes it happens that using different brand of cups, you get different measurements in grams. That messes your recipe but we can try to fix it.

But…… what about BUTTER? 

It is usually measured in tablespoons, but it’s really impossible to  actually take a tablespoon of butter from a piece of butter.  I thought to liquefy it and to measure, but the amount is different from the solid one. 

I asked a friend then to buy some american butter for me. I didn’t need it, but I had to have the BOX.

That piece of cardboard, that butter container had to be mine!


As there’s a table conversion from TBSPs to GRAMs!

Butter 1 cup 230 g
1 Tablespoon  14,5 g
1 stick = 1/2 cup
= 8 Tablespoons
115 g

Well, you could say: Teresa, wake up!! Just google it!!!

Who knows me , knows I’m one of the worst technological person and sometimes what it’s obvious for someone, like for my friends Dianna or my kids, it isn’t for me, at all



I bought this spatula, I bought a scale who automatically converts grams to ounces and fluid onces but, when some one asks me “How many cups?” , I feel like I’m back to school!

Have a good Sunday! 

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