Latteria di Marsure: Visit to Marsure Cheese Farm

Few weeks ago I visited the #Cheese #Farm / #Latteria di #Marsure, in  Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Italy. 
What a great #experience!

I was able to watch all the #MontasioCheese making and I could buy the best #ricotta ever!

It is an over 100 years old Latteria and it works only the fresh cow milk which is delivered twice a day, morning and night, directly by the farmers.

When one of them arrives at the Cheese Farm with the fresh collect milk, he puts it on a special scale and the milk weight is recorded in a booklet for taking notes of the amount delivered to pay back the farmers.

Milk comes only from local cows in local farms and it’s worked immediately to preserve all the nutrients and the flavours.

Do you know that cheese flavours change according to what the cow was fed with?

Fresh grass and spring flowers make the cheese more sharp than the one made with hay-fed-cow milk

The ‘Casaro’ – Cheese Maker – gives instructions and controls every single step: temperature, yeast, mixing, blending, storage.

Montasio Cheese needs to storage and to age , so in the basement you see tons of Cheese Wheels.

Montasio Cheese, Latteria Cheese, Ricotta, Caciotta, Stracchino , Butter, Yoghurt and many more are what the Casaro makes with the help of other workers.

All the components of the milk are used to make some deliciousness, nothing’s wasted!

The Latteria di Marsure  is a Cheese Farm and a small Cheese Store as well, where to buy cheese of course, but also daily fresh milk, and other local groceries like salami, bread, jelly, polenta.






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