Some of my friends asked me which is my #favorite #food to #eat.

Well, #frico with Formaggio Montasio is absolutely my favorite one. I learned about it only when I came to live in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Frico is very typical only in the North East of Italy and I need to tell you that it’s the most amazing food you can think about.

Someone asks me if I’m sure to be italian as I’m a ‘weird’ one as I don’t like to drink wine and I don’t like to drink espresso coffee or cappucino as well. I could be unusual or different because I only drink any kind of teas but… I love Love LOVE #pizza . I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack as well.


A pizza place not far from where I live, has a pizza with my name because the Pizzaiolo makes it for me with my favorite pizza ingredients:  baked Eggplants and Bell Peppers.

And then ….. yes, #seafood.
My kids aren’t very fond of seafood and not a lot of my friends as well. So one of them suggested me the idea of having a fixed day where to cook recipes with seafood.

Why don’t take advantage of my cooking instructor position to teach how to cook one of my favourite food?

That’s why I started #seafoodfriday #cookingclasses.

The first one was about #mussels where I tought how to wash and cook COZZE (i.e. mussels in Italian).

It’s very important to clean and wash and cook the mussels properly and carefully. Only after they are steamed , mussels can be eaten or used for other recipes.

We went to buy fresh mussels at the weekly market stall in my town square and then we cooked them with parsley, garlic and paprika. So tasty!

Stuffed mussels  was our second recipe, adding ingredients as bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and  mussels of course.

The third recipe we made was a sauce for pasta, cooked  in few minutes with datterini tomatoes.

Next Seafood Friday will be about ANCHOVIES.

This is a pretty cheap fish, easy to clean and very easy to cook.

I plan to bake some anchovies, to fry  other anchovies and….

Would you like to know???

Stay tuned .

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