** medium difficult

Kitchen tools you need

. 1 medium bowl

. 1 medium size wooden board

. 1 medium size cardboard tray or a tray with parchment paper on

. 1 machine for making pasta – a manual one is perfectly enough and much cheaper than attachment for electric mixers

. 1 stock pot for cooking the pasta

. 1 serving fork or 1 tongues to mix pasta while cooking

. 1 strainer
Ingredients for Sagnette, 4 servings

. 3 cups of Semolina Flour

. 1 and 1/2 cup of water

. 1 and 1/2 tsp of fine seasalt

. Extra semolina flour to work the dough and to help you cut and avoid Sagne from sticking one to the other.

Put everything in a bowl and mix quickly.

Your dough should be medium soft and not sticking. The amount of flour can lightly change according to the humidity in the flour and in the air. So, if you have a too soft pasta dough, add a teaspoon of flour at the time; if your pasta dough is too hard, dip your fingers in some water and add humidity at the dough, mixing it.

When your dough is ready, the easiest way to make SAGNETTE  is to flat it with a pasta machine at number 3 of thickness, cut it in fettuccine shape and then cut again in shorter pieces. Don’t forget to coat your dough with flour when you flat it and after you cut it, to avoid it sticks.   Put your Sagnette in the tray.

Your Sagne are ready to be cooked in salted-like-the-ocean boiling water for few minutes – 4 or 5 – and then added to the Soup.