Teaching cooking: Lesson 1

Yesterday I started a new adventure: I teach Italian basic cooking to a bunch of ladies coming from Africa.

Well, there are also 2 Italian ladies, but they know the basics, so I guess they will get bored, at a certain point, because the 6 African ladies know absolutely NOTHING about Italian Cooking and Cooking Culture.

I don’t want to bore you with a long description about what we made or what we talked about. I will just retel the funny things or the most unbelieveble questions.

Menu:   Vegetable broth from scratch

Soup with vegetables puree

Stracchino cheese

Cooked apples

1 – Is the stracchino cheese made with PORK MILK?

2 – While I was showing how to close an empty pressure cooker, a lady hid herslf behind another lady, waiting for an explosion. I said EMPTY .  Why should it explode?

3 – We made a vegetable broth from scratch and when it was ready someone asked: Chef, is that water? Me: No, it’s broth. Again: Is the broth water? Me: No, broth is broth. It was water with vegetables and now it’s broth because it’s cooked. And again: But Teresa, why it’s not water?

Good night!

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